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  • Well House Conservation Management Report

    Earlier this year we were awarded funding from the Heritage Council under the Community...

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  • RIP - Fr Denis Collins ocso

    Please pray for

    Fr Denis Collins ocso

    of this community who died on

    Saturday, 14th...

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  • Fr Bonaventure Cumiskey ocso - RIP

    Please pray for

    Fr Bonaventure Cumiskey ocso

    of this community who died


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  • Timetables

    The Cistercian monastic lives with other sisters or brothers, being purified and strengthened by the community for the life-long labor of prayer. Each of our monasteries has its own customs and daily schedule, but common to all is the practice of rising before dawn to begin the day with liturgical prayer and returning to church periodically during the day for further prayer together. At other times, as we work, we try to keep an atmosphere of silence, to help us grow in the practice of continual prayer. Our monasteries are normally located in the countryside, surrounded by natural quiet and beauty, keeping us close to the earth of which God has made us stewards.

    Sundays Weekdays
    Vigils 4.30am Vigils 4.30am
    Lauds 7.45am Lauds 7.00am
    Community Mass 10.30am Community Mass 7.45am
    Midday Prayer 12.15pm Terce 9.30am
    None & Benediction 2.15pm Sext 12.15pm
    Vespers 5.45pm None 2.15pm
    Compline 8.00pm Vespers 5.45pm
    Compline 8.00pm

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    Mount Melleray Abbey,
    Co. Waterford,

    RCN 20003203

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