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  • Well House Conservation Management Report

    Earlier this year we were awarded funding from the Heritage Council under the Community...

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  • RIP - Fr Denis Collins ocso

    Please pray for

    Fr Denis Collins ocso

    of this community who died on

    Saturday, 14th...

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  • Fr Bonaventure Cumiskey ocso - RIP

    Please pray for

    Fr Bonaventure Cumiskey ocso

    of this community who died


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  • Prayer

    In prayer we come to know and love God. We know God through his self revelation in Jesus, and we come to know Jesus as we meet him in the Scriptures. St. John tells us that he wrote his Gospel for the believing community; ‘these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name.’ If we are to come to know God revealed in Christ we must come to know the Scriptures. 

    The Divine Office gives us the words of prayer, words inspired by the Spirit, the words of sacred Scripture. The psalms, which make up the substance of the Office, express the whole range of human emotions in prayer, and praying the psalms gives voice to the deepest movements of the soul.

    Unceasing prayer is the continual readiness to surrender to the will of God.  It is an inner climate of attention to his Word and to his indwelling Love.  To foster and express this hidden prayer, the monastic community gathers several times during the day to chant the divine office.  This is composed primarily of psalms, hymns, and scripture readings.  These respond to the changing themes of the liturgical year and immerse the monk ever more deeply in the mystery of Christ. 


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